11 year old girl jailed in Fresno!

In another outrageous case, 11 year old Maribel Cuevas of Fresno was jailed for throwing a rock at an 8 year old boy. A group of boys were harassing Maribel and her 6-year old brother by throwing water balloons and rocks. Maribel picked up one of the rocks and pretended to throw it but it slipped out of her hand and hit a boy, cutting him in the forehead. Police handcuffed Maribel and she was kept in juvenile hall for five days before her hearing. She was finally released on the condition that she wear an electronic ankle bracelet all the time and observe a 3 pm curfew. She was scheduled to go on trial on felony assault charges but due to widespread support from people around the world, including a large vigil in front of Juvenile Hall led by Fresno?s Rev. Floyd Harris Jr., Maribel will go through a mediation process with the boy and his family instead. Her father, Martin Cuevas, a fieldworker with six children, thanked all the people who offered support.