Is God Calling or is Medical Run by the Grim Reaper?

by Charisse Shumate
It seems no matter what we do to get our voices heard so our medical needs will be met, we sit on a dead end street. Charisse Shumate, wearing a t-shirt that says 'The Fire Inside - California coalition for Women Prisoners'We met with our senators who gave us their word they would look into some of the outright awful abuse and medical cover ups and neglect. I swore as long as there was breath in my body I would never give up the battle. Now I am a woman of my word, but where else can I turn to? The famous Ted Koppel could not help. My dream [legal] team is at wit’s end, the media ban has not been lifted. Maybe if the public could see, they would write letters and make calls on our behalf.
If you come to prison healthy and are able to parole without ever having to go to the facility clinic, you are truly blessed. I have cried a river of tears.
Help us to grow strong in mind and spirit. Please don’t forget that our fears and tears are growing faster than wild flowers. To help us is to help us grow in numbers.