Proyecto Common Touch

La Tommy Escarcega (Chicana de El Paso, Texas!), Ex Prisoner and Long-time Community Advocate
Proyecto Common Touch was started in order to protect the due process rights of convicted women who are on parole and/or actual custody of the California Department of Corrections (CDC). Now it embodies a dual approach:

  1. advocacy to impact local and state policy around the issues of incarceration: harm reduction, Proposition 36, sentencing alternatives
  2. direct service advocacy to women in the system designed to provide access to communication for women on parole and in actual custody of CDC to get hearings, to legal information, and other services.

Access to communications will soon be offered by way of collect-call hotline. The connections will be made through pilot projects in different sections of California.
Until then, in S.F. and the East Bay Area, Bob Evans is willing to take 4 to 6 cases in the next year. This is NOT a free hotline, available only for cases already screened by outreach. Call 510-238-4190; collect calls for unknown callers will not be accepted.
Currently we (P.C.T.) need assistance in doing dual fundraisers with other justice and anti-P.I.C. organizations.
The average woman prisoner/parolee who does or will do many years on the installment plan, believes – through experience – that we’ve lost all of our rights. I call on the women prisoners and installment plan timers – particularly at C.C.W.F. and V.S.P.W. – to pass out The Fire Inside to the general population as an act of compassion.
Let them know that Tommy (La Tejana) is off parole and into ACTION of defending DUE PROCESS, “FAIR HEARING” rights and GREIVANCE PROCEDURE PROCESS for any and all CDC women prisoners. Write regarding parolee concerns: Tommy Escarcega: (P.C.T.), 567 53rd St., Oakland, CA 94609
This project would also like to hear from W.A.C. so please make sure all W.A.C. members in B.C.D. yards get this message.