She can not see

by Daisy Jane Benson, CIW
I have a friend who is 78 years old. She is serving 25 years to life for a crime her son tried to commit. Her name is Helen Loheac. She goes to dialysis two times a week to stay alive.
Helen has no family to help her except her son who is also in prison. He sends his mother $20 a month so she can buy shampoo, body soap and popcorn from time to time.
Helen needs eye glasses. She had an exam and was told her prison-issue glasses, made at Valley State Prison for Women, would cost her $180. Helen has no funds to pay for the glasses. She was told by the medical staff they could place a hold on her account for the next 9 months and this would take care of the cost. But accumulating any money on her account would make her ineligible for indigent supplies from prison.
Helen is one of the oldest ladies at California Institution for Women (CIW). She cannot draw her social security, her widow’s pension nor her veteran’s pension while in prison for a crime she did not commit. She cannot buy herself a new pair of eye glasses.
It seems to me that with all the thousands of taxpayer dollars that are being paid to keep Helen in prison, someone could see that Helen should see.
It has been 12 years since she had glasses.
It is a shame to me that this kind of elder neglect and abuse happens right under our noses and we turn our backs.
If anyone knows how Helen might get a pair of new tinted eye glasses, would you please contact her, Helen Loheac, #41465, Miller B 111L, 16756 Chino Corona Road, Corona, Ca. 92880-9508.
Helen also has an executive clemency petition that has been sitting on the governor’s desk for over three years and goes unanswered.
Will you please help my friend? She can not see.

The court documents show that while Helen Loheac did give someone money under severe pressure from her son, when she found out what this money was for, killing someone, she tried to do everything she could to dissuade the would-be-killer. Her conviction was needed by the prosecution to prosecute her son. She is no danger to anyone and never was. She should be released immediately. However, her petition has lain on the Governor’s desk for 3 years, unanswered. The Fire Inside will match any funds send to us to buy Helen Loheac glasses.