Women Loving Women in Prison: A New Issue of Sinister Wisdom

Call For Submissions
Sinister Wisdom, the nation’s oldest lesbian literary journal, is seeking submissions for a special issue devoted to women loving women in prison. We are looking for material that explores the wide range of experiences of women’s same-sex relationships and attraction on the inside. No matter what your sexual orientation (lesbian, bi, straight, two-spirit, queer, questioning) please send us your stories and artwork about women loving women in prison. This issue is open to all current and former prisoners, as well as their lovers, ex-lovers, and other women on the outside. All women, including transgender women, are encouraged to submit material.
Submissions may take the form of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, articles, artwork, cartoons, photographs, graphics, or any other paper-based medium. Please limit written material to 10 hand-written pages or 8 double-spaced typewritten pages, and feel free to send in multiple pieces in any of the above mediums. You may choose to be published anonymously (without your name listed) or to have your name printed along with your piece. Either way, please be sure to include your name and address on each page that you submit to us so that we do not lose your material. The deadline for submission is: August 31, 2001.
Send your submissions to:
Sinister Wisdom
Attn: Judy and Beth
P.O. Box 3252
Berkeley, CA 94703