Action Alert – #BringTraceeHome!

Please join us this Friday, April 30th for a Day of Action to Bring Tracee Ward Home

The toolkit and instructions can be found here:

Tracee is a longtime, beloved member of CCWP sentenced to LWOP. We are asking Governor Newsom to grant Tracee a commutation and allow her to go before the parole board. 

Tracee Ward is an incarcerated Black woman and survivor of Intimate Partner Violence and extensive physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her older boyfriend. She is serving her 24th year of a Life Without Parole sentence for a series of murders planned and committed by her abusive boyfriend, who dragged Tracee along for the ride and hurt her and threatened to kill her when she tried to escape. Tracee was only 19 when she was prosecuted for her boyfriend’s crimes and tested “barely competent to stand trial,” due to extremely low cognitive function, and was pressured into taking Life Without Parole as a plea bargain. Tracee must be given a living chance to return to her community. 

In Tracee’s own words:

The reality didn’t set in that I had a Life Without Parole sentence until the years went by. I would think, “Oh my god, I’m spending the rest of my life in prison.” It’s more of a death sentence, but it’s a death sentence walking. I was scared into a plea deal; the lawyers told me if didn’t take Life Without Parole, I would get the Death Penalty. I was in a prejudice county: I’m a Black girl, I’m not from this place, and they’re gonna hang me.But why? I did not pull no trigger. So, they’re telling me I was going to get the Death Penalty because I was there and I couldn’t stop him?