*Please wait until April 22nd to submit public comment to Gov. Newsom and post on social media – toolkit with instructions here*

Dear Allies and Supporters,

This spring join us every two weeks to take action to free incarcerated survivors by submitting public comment to Governor Gavin Newsom! 

Please join us on Thurs, April 22nd for a Day of Action to Bring Tomiekia Johnson home and #FreeAllSurvivors. We are urging Governor Newsom to grant immediate release for Tomiekia through a commutation.

Tomiekia Johnson is a Black mother, an incarcerated survivor of ongoing severe domestic violence, and a former highway patrol officer. Tomiekia was sentenced to 50 years to life due to an act of self defense from the violence of her abusive husband. The court system failed to acknowledge the dangerous history of domestic violence she faced and punished her for taking action to survive. Tomiekia is a beloved member of Survived & Punished and a powerful community leader. She should have the opportunity to reunite with her thirteen year old daughter and loving community. Help us in calling for Tomiekia’s freedom!

In Tomiekia’s own words:

“I am not defined by my mistakes but rather what I’ve learned from them and how I will invest that learning into touching other people’s lives. Governor Newsom, like you, I am a civil servant at heart and my moment is now. With all due respect, haven’t you made mistakes? Haven’t you had a wake up call? Aren’t you in need of redemption and a second chance from the people of California? We all deserve a chance to learn from our mistakes and when I get mine I will surprise you, and many people will be proud of both of us because civil servants should be working together.”