Alternative Custody Program for women and The 2012-2013 State Budget

Author: Diana
“Here’s what the new state budget for 2012-2013 says about expanding the alternative custody program for women:

Alternative Custody for Women
Proposal to Balance the Budget:

Approximately 70 percent of the current female inmate population is classified as non‑violent offenders with convictions for property or drug‑related crimes. Additionally, a majority of the women in state prison, including those with prior serious or violent convictions, are classified as low‑risk. Increased participation by women in programs such as substance abuse counseling and vocational education will enhance prison safety and rehabilitation efforts and further reduce the state?s adult inmate population. The Budget provides for the expansion of Alternative Custody for Women to include women who have a prior serious or violent conviction. This will allow CDCR to place these offenders in community‑based treatment programs in an effort to achieve successful outcomes and reduce recidivism among this population. Savings resulting from the reduction in the female inmate population will be used to cover the cost of treatment programs in the community. The anticipated population decline in future years is expected to generate long‑term savings of $2.5 million beginning in 2014‑15 and $5 million annually thereafter. In addition, the state expects to avoid future incarceration costs related to this population due to the positive effects of rehabilitative and therapeutic programs provided through alternative custody.”