Angry! Yes I am!!!

You violated me when I couldn’t defend myself.
You lied to me when I thought you were all I had to trust in.
You beat me for something I had no control over.
You not only cheated me, but you cheated on me.
You didn’t protect me, you left me with people who hurt me. Time and again.
You expected sexual favors from me at an age when all I wanted was a ten-cent ice-cream. The lesson learned at a young age was beware, a trap maybe set. What is said may not be what is meant.
You told me that I wasn’t of any value to anyone. Not even myself. When for real, for real I was and am the best thing yet.
You made me believe that I was crazy when there was nothing wrong with my mind. All the time it was my heart that was broken from all the pain of all the you’s.
You made me believe that I wasn’t a good mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend. Locked me up. Dehumanized me; and continue to do so. But you don’t think that I know.
You took all that I had worked for. Never asked if I needed. Told me I deserved nothing good then, and still don’t! When the pain became too great after so many years of you I lashed out at someone who had some you’s, too. Now the pain at my guilt outweighs the pain of you’s. So I pray every day and night that Allah will bring the light. Insha-Allah!!!
Oh! Mankind, you think you are so great. Do you not see? You devalue at such a speedy rate.