Attack on Prisoner Rights Advocates

The California Department of Corrections is attempting to pass a set of regulations which would severely limit prisoners’ access to legal services and advocacy.

In March, we defeated some of the most outrageous proposed visiting regulations that directly affected family members and their loved ones in prison.
Now prisoner access to legal organizations and advocates is under attack by amendments to the Visiting rules proposed by the California Department of Corrections (CDC).
Unlike the earlier proposed changes, there is no hearing scheduled on these new regulations. The CDC is making substantive changes to the visiting rules and not allowing us adequate time to respond. We need to demand that a public hearing be held so that we can bring out large crowd and voice our protest!
These new regulations are an attempt to stop the legal advocacy that many of us have been involved in. It will prevent non-profit organizations from investigating prison health care conditions for women prisoners and all prisoners with serious medical illnesses like HIV and hepatitis C. It will prevent the ongoing investigation of brutal conditions in security housing unit prisons like Corcoran, Valley State Prison and Pelican Bay. It will seriously limit prisoners¹ ability to have any legal access to many community and legal organizations, their attorneys and representatives.
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