Barbwire Rose

Chi Chi Locci, vocalist, CCWF
For many years now at CCWF I have been fortunate to be a part of Arts-in-Corrections, a program that has nurtured some of the most amazingly talented women in the state of California. It offers drawing, pottery, guitar, sculpturing,
music and painting. While often recognized for their community bowl fundraisers, the program offers much more! As part of the rehabilitation process, we have created a venue to continue our dreams and passions. Veteran musicians including guitarist Rickie Soria, Destiny Mardisch on flute,
vocalists ChiChi Locci and Gia McClain have come together with new members, bassist Sara Dutra, keyboardist Toni Song and Heaven Watson on drums. We cover different genres of music from Rhythmn-Blues to the latest Alternative
and Hip Hop. Something I haven?t heard since the Escorts in San Quentin many years ago?
Planning our summer concert series, our band would appreciate any invitations or requests. We also want to thank the Warden and Staff for allowing us such an
opportunity?although we are enclosed with barbwire, we are still spiring ROSES.