Save Brenda Andrew

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Brenda Andrew is the only woman on death row in Oklahoma. She was effectively “sex-shamed” to death after a 2004 trial marred by gender bias and prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors called her a “slut puppy,” paraded her underwear before the jury, and berated her as a bad mother. 

In the coming weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to review her case. This is one of the last opportunities Brenda has for judicial review of her conviction and sentence. If the Court rejects her petition, the state of Oklahoma will likely set an execution date. 
Brenda needs your support. We need to raise awareness of her case and the egregious sex-based stereotyping that sent her to death row.

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Forced Sterilization Survivors Undertake Own Healing After Feeling ‘Silenced Again’ by State


April 15, 2024

By: Cayla Mihalovich

One morning last spring, Moonlight Pulido called on rituals drawn from her Native American spirituality to confront a painful experience.

She stepped outside of her home in Carson, California, and lit a bundle of white sage that she keeps in an abalone shell by the back door. Pulido, who is Apache, fanned the smoke around her with a feather.

She was preparing to make quilt squares for a project to honor people who were forcibly sterilized at state prisons in California. A survivor herself, she said she was searching for a way to release the hurt and heartache.

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She repeatedly reported a prison guard’s sexual abuse. It took years for officials to believe her

The Guardian


April 11, 2024

Nilda Palacios had nowhere to turn.

It was June 2016 inside the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), the state’s largest women’s prison, and her cellmate had become abusive and violent, she recalled in an interview. Officers had refused her request for a room transfer. Her final hope: begging for help from Tony Ormonde, the sergeant who ran the yard.

“I can do the bed move, but you gotta do something for me,” she remembers him responding.

In the weeks after the transfer, the sergeant began summoning her to his office and other private locations, where he sexually harassed and assaulted her, Palacios said. The abuse continued for months: “I’d cry and ask why I put myself in this situation. I’d leave with disgust and feel used, and I’d hate that I didn’t have the choice to say no.”

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From Crisis to Care: Ending the Health Harm of Women’s Prisons


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📢⏰ The time for change is NOW! ⏰📢

Read & share the public health research on the ways that women’s prison s harm health and the investments California could be making instead. 📲

🗣This new report, “From Crisis to Care: Ending the Health Harm of Women’s Prisons,” documents the many ways that incarceration in women’s prisons harms the health of cisgender women and transgender, gender-variant, and intersex people and recommends health-promoting community supports we could be investing in instead.

California has already taken significant steps towards reducing its carceral footprint by decreasing its women’s prison population by 70.8% through state policy changes. 💥 Folsom State Prison women’s units have already been emptied, and the facility is set to close down in 2023.

But we MUST do more! California has a chance to lead the nation in ending the harm caused by incarceration. We can close the two remaining women’s prisons, release the small fraction of the state’s incarcerated population who are housed there, and invest the MILLIONS budgeted for these prisons into community-based programs that promote health and prevent incarceration. By doing this, we can provide essential support services for successful reentry into society. 💖

It’s time to shift –  #FromCrisis2Care!




Dozens of women at FCI Dublin detail rape and retaliation – real reform is questioned

By: Lisa Fernandez

Published: September 23, 2022 5:48AM

Updated: September 25, 2022 7:34AM

When Marie Washington of San Diego was put into coronavirus quarantine at the Federal Correctional Institute at Dublin for six weeks, one guard in particular came by, shining a light in her cell, often asking to see her private parts. 

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