Learn More about Parole for Life-Term Prisoners in California . . .

CCWP wants to help change the parole system for life-term prisoners. We will post more updates and information as the work develops. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to listen to this audio program to learn more . . . .
“In California, Maryland and Oklahoma, the governors can overrule parole boards’ decisions to free prisoners serving life sentences. In all three states this has evolved to the point where very few prisoners get released. For years Nancy Mullane followed the case of Don Cronk in San Quentin Prison, to see what would happen as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reviewed his case. Though Cronk knew the odds were against him, he found it hard to stop himself from believing he’d get out.” – This American Life website.
The program is “This American Life,” and the parole portion of the show begins around minute 8. Please click this link , and then click “Stream Episode.” Thank you, and please let us know if you want to get involved!

Juvies: A Chance Film Documentary

by Leslie Neale
Director?s Statement:
“When I started volunteer teaching at Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles, I was naïve to juvenile justice, thinking children were handled fairly and with care, not only for their safety, but also for the safety of the public at large. What I found is that scores of children are getting thrown away in adult prisons instead of staying in the rehabilitative environment of the juvenile system, a structure originally designed to protect them from ending up in the adult system. The making of ?Juvies? has made my life make an irrevocable turn towards correcting the juvenile justice system, making it one that is run with intelligence, responsibility and mercy.”
To learn more about the documentary, see video clips and order a copy, please click here.

Inaugural Meeting of Formerly Incarcerated – Alabama, 2011

February 28th – March 2nd, 2011: Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People’s Movement begins organizing in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama. An historic gathering of 56 activists strategizing a revived Civil Rights Era, focused around the Prison Industrial Complex.
It is agreed that the PIC is the new Jim Crow.
It is resolved that we will fight for the Full Restoration of our Civil and Human Rights.
Please click this link to watch the video.