CCWP?s celebration

On November 5th, 2006, CCWP hosted a powerful event to celebrate ten years of publishing our newsletter by and for women prisoners. ?The Fire Inside brings light into the hearts of thousands of people each year? wrote Director Yvonne/Hamdiya Cooks in her greeting inside the Program Book for the event. This theme reverberated throughout the entire afternoon as each guest offered their unique energy and awareness to illuminate the brutal conditions which women are subjected to behind bars.
Alice Walker, our honored guest, addressed the enthusiastic crowd which was gathered for the afternoon at the African American Art and Culture Complex in San Francisco. Ms. Walker read excerpts from her new book titled We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For and engaged the audience in thought provoking reflections on the state of the planet earth today.
?It is the worst of times because it feels as though the very Earth is being stolen from us, by us: the land and air poisoned, the water polluted, the animals disappeared, humans degraded and misguided. War is everywhere. It is the best of times because we have entered a period, if we can bring ourselves to pay attention, of great clarity as to cause and effect.?
Ms. Walker also spoke of the cases of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal and the Cuban Five as well as a wide range of other subjects.
The feedback about the event has been tremendously positive. Many people have said that the event raised their spirits and made them want to become involved in CCWP?s work for women prisoners.