CCWP and CCBWP Merge!

by Diana Block
After many months of deliberation and discussion, the California Coalition for Battered Women in Prison (CCBWP) has decided to merge with our sister coalition, the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP), a decision which we believe will strengthen the work of both organizations.
We have similar missions since CCWP is dedicated to advocating for changes in the conditions which all women prisoners face. The merger will provide more stability for the battered women’s work by enabling us to share resources. We already share office space and there is a great deal of overlap between our coalitions’ issues and members. We believe that increased coordination will enable our battered women’s work to become more effective and connected with the other critical issues impacting all women prisoners in California.
Because of the confusing similarity of our names, we have decided to change the name of the battered women’s work to “Free Battered Women: a project of CCWP”. Our website will remain as If you are interested in signing up on our listserve you can do so from the website. You can write us at Free Battered Women, 1540 Market St., #490, SF, CA 94102 and call us at 415-255-7036 ext. 6.