CCWP takes stock of last year

On January 12 and 13th as many members of CCWP as could met to discuss what happened last year and what we want to do next year.
Drawing of a warriorAmong the major accomplishments of last year was a successful search for an outreach coordinator, Phyllis Johnson. (See the profile of Phyllis in this issue.) Bay Area Chapter of CCWP would like to continue the things that we think are the core of our organization: the newsletter, visiting and advocacy actions.
We all agreed that we need to continue (and improve) both the newsletter and visiting. Readers of this newsletter would have noted that our activities last year included a focus on the war on drugs, battered women and work with those in the legislature who are looking at women prisoners issues.
San Diego chapter reported a very full year last year (see their report in this issue).
For the future we would like to work with a dance group to communicate more artistically the situation of women inside.
Were expecting great things from Phylliss outreach efforts to former women prisoners and are considering supplementing them with looking into the possibility that SF State University might give students credit for involvement with CCWP.
We will participate in a demonstration on March 8th to show opposition to proposed visiting changes (see this issue’s “Legal Corner”). We would also like to organize a demonstration around the conditions in the Skilled Nursing Facility, which are abominable.
On the issue of parole, we need to push on Davis failure to release practically anyone and to get attention on the fact that there is practically no support for women once they are out.
We would also like to help with the work the womens legislative caucus might be doing on women prisoners.
As you see, the amount of work to be done can be overwhelming. But we felt an encouragement from each other to keep doing what we can.