by Cynthia Russaw, VSPW-SHU
It takes unspeakable courage
to be thrown into prison, to cry, and
to be young and inexperienced…
It takes enormous courage
to grow up, to dream, to work, and
to risk making mistakes…
It takes steadfast courage
to be disciplined, to take responsibility
and keep trying after disappointments…
It takes gallant courage
to accept abuse, to be harassed, and
to always give unstintingly of self…
It takes dauntless courage
to balance different attitudes
with defeats, and to still relish
life’s sweetness…
It takes invincible courage
to grow in a corrupt system,
run by corrupt staff and government,
and to peruse mortality with a calm eye…
It takes noble courage
to speak out, and tell the world
the system they thought was working
is really cold, cruel and inhuman.