Deaths from Medical Neglect Continue at CCWF

I am only writing this story because by the time it gets printed I know I will be long gone, far from Chowchilla. It’s about being very sick and trying to get some medicine to get better.
[JAB describes in detail the nightmare she endured when she got sick with a flu while at CCWF. Her co-workers wanted her to go back to her housing unit so they would not catch it. She had to get permission to see an MTA, who did determine that she was sick enough to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed Tylenol, cough syrup and antibiotics and wrote her a lay-in notice so she could
stay in bed the next day. She had to fight for several days to have the medications dispensed to her. She had to stand several hours in the rain to even have the privilege of fighting for her medications and for a few more lay-ins. She concludes:]
I felt really lucky, because I would get better, I would survive.
Today I found out that yesterday, at the same time I was fighting for my antobiotics and my lay-in, there was another woman on C yard. She was 33 years old. For three weeks she has been telling the MTAs she had run out of her high blood pressure medication. She didn’t have the energy to fight them for it. She just went to her bed and died!
Sometimes women have to have a seizure before they are able to get their seizure meds.
Our medical care sucks. We are left standing in the rain when we are truly sick. We just lose days rather than try to prove we are sick. Some of us lose our lives. It should not be allowed to happen. The MTAs are all stressed out and hate the inmates. They laugh in our faces when we beg for help. Most of them probably treat their dogs better than they treat us.
How many inmates have to die before they do something about our health care system??? It is a horrible thing to get sick in prison. Its even worse to die here because no one cares enough to listen.