Debbie Peagler-Always In Our Hearts by Mary Campbell

Debbie Peagler-Always In Our Hearts
by Mary Campbell

Debbie Peagler passed away
June 8, 2010, after an 18-month
bout with lung cancer and after
enjoying approximately 10
months of hard-earned freedom.
She was 50 years old, and was at
home with family and had many
friends nearby.

I met Debbie Peagler while I
was at CCWF. She was a member
of the choir at the Main Yard chapel
where I worked as a clerk. I
observed Debbie interacting with
the ladies at the church and singing
with the choir. She had a quiet,
powerful, supportive presence.
I knew she had experienced years
of pain, but she was not hardened
by it. It just strengthened her faith
in God and the Holy Spirit.

Her death is that much more
painful because of the travesty of
her case. We grieve deeply, and
our sympathies are with her loved
ones. For me, Debbie?s life serves
as a model of how to never lose
faith in the future, to never lose
hope and to always remember and
trust that you are loved and never
forgotten. Debbie, I say to you,
thank you for being that shining
example of love and an open

Rest in Peace Debbie.