Disaster In Haiti ? Send us your thoughts!

The devastation, injury and suffering
that the Haitian people have
experienced since the earthquake in
January have moved many people
around the world to reach out to
help in whatever ways possible.
The earthquake demonstrated the
enormous strength and determination
of the Haitian people to get
through this natural disaster despite
having so few resources. The earthquake
also exposed the additional
problems of poverty, economic
dependency and using the military
as the primary means of delivering
aid. Within a couple of days after
the earthquake, thousands of U.S.
troops were sent in to ?secure? the
situation in Haiti. For every one
dollar of U.S. aid to Haiti, 33 cents
has gone to the U.S. military. One
of the reasons given for prioritizing
?security? was that 4,000 people
had escaped from a local prison
during the earthquake.
Some California prisoners have
told us that they couldn?t stand to
watch the T.V. news?it was too
painful and heartbreaking. Some
people have pointed out that watching
thousands of Black Haitians in
such distress seemed like a horrible
re-run of Hurricane Katrina. One
person imagined a program where
prisoners could volunteer to help
out in Haiti and other disasters
when there was such a crying need.
In Nebraska, prisoners who
earn barely $1/day convinced
the Department of Corrections to
make an exception to the rule that
allows them only to send money
out to support immediate family
members. The prisoners wanted to
take up a collection for Haiti relief.
A check for $2025.31 was mailed
directly to the Red Cross.
What have been your reactions?
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thoughts with The Fire Inside.