On Monday August 6th, a hundred people from all over California came together to lobby for the passage of SB 1393 and rally to DROP LWOP sentencing in a day coordinated by CCWP and CURB.  Below is a quick, heartfelt summary of the day by Pam Fadem from CCWP with some photos.
Delegation that went to deliver the letter signed by over 100 organizations calling on
Governor Brown to commute all 5,000 people with LWOP sentences in California prisons.

It was WONDERFUL– TONS of formerly incarcerated people, lots of amazing family members, many visits to legislators, and a VERY beautiful and spirited rally — with incredible statements from people inside and former prisoners, and beautifully and powerfully displayed with people wearing DROP LWOP t-shirts (thank you Angel and Christina), ribbons (thank you June!!), amazing posters of our loved ones serving LWOP (thank you Anna H and  Grace!!), lots of homemade signs and banners—There was never a lull or a low point.

We were able to walk all of the materials collected into his office and do a hand off to the Governor’s Assistant Director of external affairs. Two family members of  people serving LWOP –Joanne Scheer and Christina Mendoza– did the drop off, and it was very emotional for everyone–

This is clearly  a growing campaign/ movement—  It was beautiful, powerful  and filled with emotion!

The box delivered to the Governor had  three 8 ft paper banners made by  people at Central California Women’s Facility — full of their handprints, signatures and family photos, over 30 statements from people serving LWOP, the official letter to the Governor calling on him to commute all currently serving LWOP signed by over 100 community organizations. It was a stunning sight.

Let’s keep the pressure up, the work  growing and continue to welcome our loved ones home.


Banner created by people at CCWF


Colby, Romarilyn, & Yolanda
Rojas, Romarilyn & Jackie