Family Visiting Day

CCWP sponsors Family Visiting Day this fall!
Do you have family members in the San Francisco Bay Area that need help coming to visit you? Would your family members and friends in the Bay Area like to connect with other family members of women prisoners at CCWF and VSPW?
If you are at Valley State Prison for Women or Central California Women?s Facility and your family and/or close friends are in the San Francisco Bay Area, then this day is for you!
On one weekend day in January (the specific date has not yet been determined) we will be driving family members and friends down to visit women prisoners at VSPW and CCWF.
We will drive as many people as possible, but if we have an overwhelming response, we may only be able to honor a portion of the requests and/or may need to limit the number of visitors per person.
If you would like to participate send us the information below by October 30th (we cannot process requests postmarked after this date).
o Your name, W#, Housing #
o Contact information of each family member (name, address, phone, relationship, age, special needs, how long it?s been since you?ve seen this person)
o Please rank the people you?d like to see in order of priority.
o Please write a brief statement about why a family visit is important to you.
If your family member(s) are not on your visitors? list already be sure you send a visiting form to them as soon as possible in order for them to be cleared by January.
We will follow up with the people you submit to us and update you on when the visit is scheduled and who is scheduled to come and see you.
Send information to us, attn: Family Visiting Day, CCWP, 1540 Market St., rm 490, San Francisco, CA. 94102.