For Annie Castiglione

by Jane Dorotik, CCWF
Dear Legislator,
I am writing to you to encourage your support for greater utilization of compassionate release in the prison system. Compassionate release is an available alternative to dying alone and isolated behind prison walls ? but it is almost never granted by the CDCR bureaucracy.
Annie Castiglione is a prime example?63 years old, incarcerated for 11+ years, she maintained her innocence for the crime that sentenced her to Life Without The Possibility of Parole. She was a model prisoner and spent her years behind bars helping others.
She died the other evening alone and overlooked in the prison?s skilled nursing facility. The women in prison petitioned for her release ? but the release was not granted.
Take a moment now and remind yourself how it must feel to die alone. In fact, take only slightly more than a moment ? take 93 seconds of silence. That is one second for every day Annie waited hoping compassionate release might be granted. Surely you can spare one second for every day Annie suffered all the pain and fear in anticipation.
Start now?time yourself?93 seconds.