Former Political Prisoners Speak Out for Lesbian Pride

Excerpted from Out of Time, the newsletter of Out of Control Lesbian Committee to Support Women Political Prisoners, 3543 18th St. #30, SF, Ca. 94110
Susan Rosenberg (released January 2001) “Whenever the walls are breached by a letter, by a newspaper, by contact that supports lesbians inside, it makes a difference. Lesbians are most isolated and denigrated inside and need solidarity.”
Laura Whitehorn (released August 1999) “While I was in prison, gay pride celebrations were very important to me. They gave me a little security in the face of general homophobia – no surprise that it is alive and well and living in the offices of every prison warden in the country I send special respect and love to the Bay Area queer community. I think you lead the way in demonstrating that all human rights issues are queer issues.”