Background: We are coming together to defend Gabby Solano, an immigrant woman, and survivor of domestic violence who was cruelly transferred to ICE on the evening of March 30, 2021. Gabby was supposed to be released today after spending over 20 years incarcerated due to the actions of her abuser and his acquaintances. Her family and community were ready to receive her with open arms, but Governor Newsom allowed California’s state prison system (CDCr) to work with ICE and detain Gabby for deportation. Despite a change in our country’s administration, immigrants and refugee survivors like Gabby are still facing the violence of detention and deportation. 

ICE can and must use its prosecutorial discretion to release Gabby. She, like other incarcerated people deserves a chance to experience freedom and be finally reunited with her loved ones. Gabby is currently being transferred to Aurora Detention Center in Colorado. Please take action – this toolkit will continue to be updated as we get new information. 

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