Giving Voice to Family Members

The Family Advocacy Network, a project of Legal Services for Prisoners With Children, is a group of family members and friends of prisoners who advocate for the safety and well being of our incarcerated loved ones. We defend our right to simply be and maintain our families in spite of the prison walls. We come together to heal from the damage caused by incarceration and to make sure our loved ones inside are free from abuse, get needed medical care, and are treated with the respect and humanity they deserve. We fight against unfair parole policies that keep our loved ones imprisoned for decades. We speak out against the injustices of a racist prison system and work to create alternatives that will lead to real healing and reunification.
We believe that the voices of family members who have incarcerated loved ones are invaluable to the pursuit of justice for all. It is because of their unique knowledge, compassion and relentless dedication that prisoners are not abandoned or forgotten, despite the many ways that incarceration attempts to separate and isolate us.