Gloria Killian: Justice Denied!

After 16 years of imprisonment, Gloria Killian tasted a sweet moment of justice when her 1981 conviction for a robbery and murder were overturned by the Court of Appeals in March 2002. She has been imprisoned at California Institute for Women (CIW), having been convicted of masterminding a 1981 robbery and murder in Sacramento. Gloria was a law student with no criminal record at the time of her arrest and subsequent conviction. Gloria always maintained her innocence.She, her friends, family and community supporters believed that long-denied justice was finally being served on March 13, 2002 when the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco overturned her conviction. The 3 judge panel found that Ms. Killian’s conviction had been based solely on the false testimony of a man, already convicted and sentenced to life without parole for the same crime, who had made a deal with the Sacramento district attorney’s office to provide testimony in exchange for leniency in resentencing. Then, barely a month later, in “crueler than usual punishment”, the State Attorney General’s office decided to retry Gloria’s case.
All those who believe in justice are outraged. Gloria has worked on behalf of other imprisoned women at CIW all these years. We are all looking forward to seeing Gloria come home.