Governor Brown Grant More LWOP Commutations for Mother’s Day!

Dear friends,
Please join with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners in asking Governor Brown to commute more women, men and transgender people with LWOP sentences for Mother’s Day 2018.  Below is a short message you can email to the Governor’s office at the address below, or create your own message.  Please bcc on your message.   

Dear Governor Brown,

In the spirit of all mothers who give birth with love and hope in their hearts, I ask you to offer a living chance to the 5,000 people in California’s prisons who have been sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP).

I applaud the historic number of LWOP commutations that you have granted and hope that you will continue to recognize that people have the capacity to change, grow and be rehabilitated, which an LWOP sentence denies. This powerful new video speaks to the urgent need to #DROP LWOP!
I look forward to your Mother’s Day 2018 Commutations!

Thank you,