“Grief Share” program at CCWF

Within the last year or two we witnessed many more suicides, or attempted suicides. As a response, Sister Maryanne helped put together a “Grief share” program. It gives an outlet to help us cope with loss. We experience many losses: loss of freedom, of self-esteem, loss of life experience one would/should have had, loss of jobs, loss of ability to sustain yourself, not to mention loss of loved ones either through death or separation.
If you keep your feelings inside they become enormous, making you feel hopeless and helpless. Just being able to speak makes it more manageable, you know you are not alone.
It is amazing that here we are able to provide a safe space to be able to share, even though rumors spread fast here. Confidentiality is very important in our group. We honor and respect it. We support all others organizing their support groups, too, like a young lifer organizing a support group for young women in here.