Health care hard to find

It’s Your Health
Pam Fadem
Health care in immigration detention centers?and information about it?is hard to find.
CCWP would like to publish an article about conditions for women being held in California’s immigration detention centers. We feel pretty sure that the conditions are bad?while peoples’ legal rights are being violated, we assume their human right to decent health care is also in jeopardy. But making assumptions and having a fact-based understanding are two different things!
So we are asking for your help. Are there people you would refer us to who have been detained themselves, or have family members or clients who have been detained and would be willing to share some of their knowledge and experiences? If so,then please have them write to Pam c/o Fire Inside. Or call CCWP and leave a message for Pam with the contact information, and I’ll get back to you.
With many thanks ahead of time,
?Pam Fadem