Helen Loheac’s Glasses, an Update

by Karen Shain
As of press time, we have received $380 from our readers to provide Helen with glasses. With CCWP’s match, this totals $760. She now has her glasses (see her letter below). We will use the rest of this money for other emergency needs as we hear of them. Please understand that the amount of money we have for this purpose is extremely limited, but we are committed to providing emergency help to our sisters inside. If you know of a woman inside who has an emergency, or if you have a donation for this fund, please contact us.

I just received your beautiful card and check, and I can’t thank you all enough. It sure was lovely of all of you to be so thoughtful.
As for my glasses, I got them yesterday and it sure feels good.
Give my best regards to all and thanks again. You are all in my prayers.
Take care,
Helen Loheac