Help Tell Our Story!

Help us spread the word. . .
1) Help with a guide
This is a shout out to formerly incarcerated members who would like to share their experiences of transitioning after serving time. This is a collaborative and totally grass-roots project. The motivation and vision to do this came from several conversations among different people during our Statewide Gathering in October of individuals and organizations across the state of California doing anti-prison and prisoner advocacy and support work.
It will be an un-institutional sort of “For us, by us Guide” that will surround people getting ready to walk through the gates or in the process of adjusting to life on ‘the outs’ with love from women and transgender people whose voices are left out of so many conversations with so much wisdom to share.
This project aims to collect the stories of formerly incarcerated women in a story-telling and conversational form to create a directory of tips, wisdoms and suggestions for women getting out of prison by women who have been there.
We are also looking for ideas for a catchy title that is a far away from ?resource guide? or ?manual? as possible. Something vibrant and powerful!
For more information, write to CCWP Attn: Dana Ullman, 1540 Market Street, Suite 490, San Francisco, CA, 94102, or call the office at 415-255-7036 x4, or email
2) Fire Inside
BPH/Transition Hints: Our next issue of The Fire Inside quarterly newsletter will be on parole. We’ve had a lot of requests for a “helpful hints” article that can help people prepare for the parole process, including board hearings, building a parole campaign, what it’s like once you’re out, etc.
Some parts of what people may want to write for the ?Guide? could be used in this article too, so feel free to contribute something ASAP as we are trying to get first drafts done for the Newsletter on December 15th.
General Contributions on Parole System and Life as a Lifer before and after release: We’re also putting out a general call for any articles, stories or statements you all might like to write. They can be as short as a couple of sentences and as long as 500 words (a page or so). Your voices are really what keeps this newsletter vibrant and thriving and we want this issue to be HEARD by many people so we can bring people home and stop the parole madness!
This is an issue we have been building up to all year. It is an opportunity to put in print many of the ideas, struggles and inspiring accomplishments that were shared at the Statewide Gathering. We are prepared to publish a supplemental collection of people’s writings, as we want to follow through on our mission to “put a face on” people’s experiences of serving life sentences in California.