Images from the Fast 4 Freedom Solidarity Rally!

Fast 4 Freedom Statewide Action Solidarity Rally at the State Building in San Francisco
“Because so many are starving for FREEDOM” (from the call by family members of prisoners). ” Fast 4 Freedom is a statewide day of fasting and solidarity actions that took place this year on Friday, August 6th, 2010, and was initiated by family members and loved ones of prisoners locked up across California.
Here are a few images from the rally. Thank you to Dana Ullman for the photos.
Let?s keep organizing together to:
End Three Strikes
Reduce the Prison Population NOW
Release Prisoners Eligible for Parole
Release Sick, Aged and Terminally Ill prisoners
Family Visits for All Prisoners
End the Death Penalty
Education Not Incarceration
Stop All New Prison Construction including New “Mental Health” Cages being built in Chino and Vacaville
Justice for Oscar Grant and all targets of racist police brutality
Thank you to everyone who supported, participated, and organized the rally!