by YaVonne M. T. Anderson
Quiet as kept, prison is not for rehabilitation. It serves its purpose as far as punishment goes, yet was codesigned for mental damnation. The essence of who we are, if we have ever found ourselves, we are raped by authority. If you’ve never appreciated what you once had, being here you will, assuredly. We’re forbidden to express emotions of happiness because we are suspected of being inebriated. Should we dare show emotions of anger, it is then “security risk” related. In the event that we are saddened, mental health is recommended. Yet if we appear as nonchalant, we’re unremorseful and too independent. Ironically, this is the place we’ve been sentenced to to learn some sort of lesson. But while putting into action the act of change, it is deemed an act of transgression. Although change must come from within, and may not occur if it is forced, The conditions that we are subjected to make it all the more tough a course. If you don’t find yourself worse off then you were before coming to this place, You’ve mastered defeating the true purpose of prisons through God’s good will and grace. I’m a better person not because of prison, yet because of what I have done for me. They merely provided the tools for me to muster up strength and courage to succeed. So am I rehabilitated? Yes, I’ll admit, but I did all of the footwork on my own. And whether I’m released soon for it, or not, in my heart I’ve been on the road that leads to home.