Is Anyone Listening?

by Marcie Fort, VSPW
The isolation one feels
   In a crowd, all alone…
Memories of our families
   Memories of home…
The regrets and remorse
   All a little too late,
Fill up our hearts
   With anger and hate.
The mind games played
   Just to survive…
The suffering in silence
   The tears that are cried.
The emptiness within us
   That invades our souls…
There’s nowhere to run,
   And nowhere to go.
We create our own prisons
   Surrounded by walls…
We took the risks
   Made the choices and falls
“Life isn’t a game,
   No rehearsal” it’s said.
I bite my tongue daily,
   As I scream in my head!
“I’m not an animal
   To be abused at will!”
By my captors’ egos
   To keep me quiet and still.
So…if anyone is listening
   To my heartfelt lament
I hope you can feel me,
   That was my soul intent.