Is anyone out there?

Anonymous, VSPW
It’s a shame that a large part of the staff who work here at VSPW are immature men who regularly verbally assault us. They take pride in inflicting rules, not enforcing them.
The verbal and emotional abuse is the norm. The men don’t even respect the female staff. I’d be embarrassed if I was continually getting pay raises while the state’s youth go without school materials. It is a sad time for California. Locking people up is not the answer. Rehabilitation is a term that only exists on paper.
The system loves it when all we do is eat noodles and zone out to the TV, it makes their unlocking doors job (which is the rough point of their day) that much easier.
This institution does not promote recovery. The substance abuse program is primarily concerned with bodies in the beds so they get paid. We are warehoused like cattle.
Nutrition here is a joke. There isn’t enough iron, protein, green vegetables, or calcium, which contributes to various health problems over time. It would save the state money in the long run in medical costs if we had proper nutrition here.
The defeminization of having our hair up 24 hours a day, even in our non-programming time is just a form of control, to keep women feeling bad about themselves. This institution is like going from one abusive relationship to another, and nobody even hears your voice because you’re behind walls.
Recidivism means this place is a revolving door. There isn’t anything at this institution to show you tools to change your attitudes or habits.
Women, how do you cope? What’s going on at your institution to promote healing, recovery? Give us some ideas. We need help to stop the madness that infests VSPW. We need outside help, so the public is aware of the abuse that is daily here.
Please help.