It?s not too late. Stop Proposition 9!

Just sitting here doing time and now Proposition 9! Prop 9 is guaranteed to make sure we do lots more time. Prop 9 is the passage of a new State law in 2009.
Prop 9 directly affects lifers, as if it wasn?t already hard enough to get a date. No matter how hard you show that you have rehabilitated, you will still be denied a date. Now when us lifers go to the Board for our parole hearings, there will be a 3 to 15 year rollover until our next hearing. That?s like a whole new sentence! Fifteen years until you see the Board again.
It?s time ladies. It?s time. We have got to pull together and unite. Let?s stand up for our rights. Through unity, intelligence and knowledge, we call can still make a difference. It?s not too late. Stop Prop 9!
Lifer, VSPW