It’s Your Health: Cleanliness?Medical Basics?

by Anonymous, VSPW
Title 15 section 3060: ?Institutions will provide the means for all inmates to keep themselves and their living quarters clean and to practice good health habits.? (emphasis added). Section 3061: ?Inmates must keep themselves clean, and practice those health habits essential to the maintenance of physical and mental well-being.?
That?s what Title 15 provides; here?s the reality …
Cleaning at VSPW is an uphill battle. The wide spread MRSA and hepatitis reflect the crisis we face. If we were given basics, like soap, it would help. All around the world there are signs posted in restrooms, “wash your hands before returning to work.” This practice does not occur at VSPW. Our facility yard medical areas, dayroom restrooms and culinary areas never have soap and are rarely even equipped to hold a soap dispenser. This leads to poor hygiene and disease spread.
We can’t even wash our hands, or clean our rooms. How can one hold a decent self-esteem if they are not given enough supplies to be clean? What we get is guaranteed to make you smell and burn off your skin. And there is not enough soap powder to wash one load of clothes.
If you are indigent, [you can’t buy additional cleaning supplies], you can’t be clean, you can’t be in a “rehabilitative” mindset. The amount of cleaning supplies provided to us needs to be increased. It is unacceptable.