It’s Your Health: Dealing with anger

by J., VSPW
We all have many reasons in our environment to respond with anger, perhaps violence or any other negative emotion. Society and the government want us all to “suffer,” to be punished beyond recognition-disintegrate our personalities further. Their methods are quite familiar to most of us-belittlement, dehumanization, humiliation, abuse. For most of us these methods were dominant aspects of our childhoods. However, this time it comes from complete strangers-the eager employees of the CDC.
Despite all of these justifiable reasons to respond negatively and with anger, we must realize that it is precisely what they want us to do. If we respond with violence, society will justify its ignorant belief that we are all violent sub-humans, that we deserve dehumanizing punishment, that we cannot change. Anger, violence and negativity affect our cognitive abilities and inhibit clear thinking. Our bodies react with a stress response which instigates disease. Our stress-induced neurochemistry becomes habitual. Our well-being and everything about us will “suffer.”
Whether it is the inhumane methods of our oppressors, difficulties living in a small cell with seven others, idiosyncrasies that bother and irritate us or whatever creates an angry, tense or violent response, we can change. The emotional and behavioral responses that we experience are ours to choose, even if they are entrenched from childhood. As independent individuals we possess the abilities to change our thought patterns, emotional responses, behavioral habits, and, in turn, our well-being and any environment in which we are present.
Observe your thought patterns, emotional and behavioral responses and use curiosity to ask why you respond in each way that you do. Then realize that this is your own living process and that it is your prerogative to decide how to respond in any situation. Listen to your “heart,” your God within, your womanly intuitions and your responses will always be beneficial to your well-being and will be non-violent.