It’s Your Health: Taking Care of Yourself

by Gwen
A lot of people have the day to day stress that comes with running a household, taking care of children, working. These stresses can cause high blood pressure, loss of sleep and appetite, low self esteem and depression. Then add a diet of fast food, fried foods, salt, white sugar and no exercise and we can see what contributes to obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.
For women, it?s a double whammy. We tend to ?keep on keeping on? in the face of adversity and not pay attention to the warning signs our body gives us: headaches, insomnia, backaches, nausea, over-eating and binging. Add being in prison, and you have hit an all time high of negative forces working against us. Being in prison has so many negative impacts on our health that it is hard to get a handle on it.
But there are things we can do, so let?s keep it simple. We as inmates don?t make the menus, but we can watch what we eat and exercise. I?m one to talk, since I am 80 lbs. overweight and have high blood pressure and chronic insomnia. I challenge you today to make some changes. Get up in the morning and do simple breathing exercises and stretching. Start your day with your higher power, whoever that is. Pray when you take a shower. Do leg lifts while standing at the sink. Keep in mind that just walking 2 times a week for 30 minutes is a good start to exercising. While programming, keep a handle on the negativity you put out. No fried foods or foods with white refined sugar, like candy or soda. Eat fruit, like an apple, when you?re hungry instead of chips and cookies. Stop eating late at night.
I am challenging myself to put what I am saying to the test since my back, hips and feet are always hurting. Let?s see what yoga (breathing and stretching exercises), walking, and changing your eating and thinking can do for all of us.
A morning meditation
Stand or sit quietly, eyes closed, hands loose at your sides, your mind clear of negativity and hostility. Breathe in and out slowly, concentrating on your inner peace. These words may be helpful to you as you breathe in and out slowly:
Today is the first day of a new beginning and an awakened enlightened spirit. Take a moment to embrace the new day with determination and a desire to be better, stronger and wiser than you were yesterday. All of your yesterdays were just a prelude to the success you will achieve today. Make today?s dream, tomorrow?s destiny.
After we are done giving our spirits a chance to soar, let?s begin our day.
Risi Bisi- A Vegetarian Dish
All of the items in this recipe can be received in a quarterly package.
Brown rice
Slivered Almonds
White Cheese
Thyme, basil, red pepper, Ms. Dash Seasoning