Jail Project’s Success

by Nia Sykes
CCWP participates in a San Franciso jail project, which includes bi-monthly visits to the San Francisco women?s jail. CCWP members are able to meet there with groups of approximately 25 women and transgender prisoners. We discuss issues of abuse and conditions of confinement in the jail, explore political education issues such as Violence Against Women and the Prison Industrial Complex, and create a space for women imprisoned in the jails to share their struggles in their lives both outside and inside the jails.
The jail project has allowed us to build more connections with women within the San Francisco jail system and deepen our understanding of the issues faced by people upon their release. Through our advocacy we have helped several women get into treatment programs instead of prison time. The majority of women are released to San Francisco where we encourage them to remain members of CCWP, building upon our membership of formerly imprisoned women.