This spring join us every two weeks to take action to free incarcerated survivors by submitting public comment to Governor Gavin Newsom! 

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please join us on Thurs, April 8thfor a Day of Action to Bring Kanoa “Rae” Harris-Pendang home and #FreeAllSurvivors. We are urging Governor Newsom to grant immediate release for Kanoa through a commutation.


Kanoa “Rae” Harris-Pandang is a transgender survivor who has been incarcerated in California for over 20 years. In an example of the extreme and disproportionate sentencing of trans people of color, Kanoa was sentenced to two life without parole sentences and two 25-to-life sentences in 1998 for “conspiring to commit” two murders that he did not commit. Kanoa is a beloved friend and long-time member of Survived and Punished. He deserves healing in community, not more punishment. 
In Kanoa’s own words: “To be sentenced to death by incarceration wiped my hope with the sound of the gavel. Fortunately my spirit to survive surpassed the lost hope that was trying to be embedded in my heart by a hammer and robe. Now that there is hope amongst the community of people serving life without parole (LWOP), I feel like it took that gavel for me to rebel against its hopeless intention to ultimately prepare me for freedom. I humbly ask for your support with my freedom and continue hoping for a living chance for all people serving death by incarceration.”

We invite you to join us in calling for Kanoa’s release. Please take action on Thurs, April 8:

1. Submit a public comment – instructions here:

2. Post on social media – sample posts here:

3. Tap three of your friends to join us as we continue to call to FreeAllSurvivors, and forward this action to your networks, please!