Judi Ricci, Presente!

Karen Shain and Heidi Strupp
Our dear friend and sister Judy Ricci passed away on November 30th. Judy was an unstoppable fighter for the rights of women prisoners, people with HIV/AIDS, former prisoners, ane everyone who was getting a raw deal. We loved her for her brilliance, her commitment and her glorious sense of humor. We miss her already. We all thought we had more time?
Known by many on the prison yard as Dr. Juju, her work as an HIV peer health educator inspired a movement of prisoner activists?inside and out. She educated her peers about HIV and HEP C and empowered others to stand up and demand the right to be healthy and well. As a hospice volunteer, she held the hands of dying women and carved out spaces of profound humanity that enabled women to pass with dignity. She laughed fully, spoke poetry straight from the heart and shared her love with all who entered her life. She liked dark chocolate, bright purple nail polish, and the sloppy droolly kisses of her two giant rottweilers. While we mourn her death, we remember that her legacy will continue on in our collective struggle for justice.
Her sisters in the peer counseling program held a memorial for Judy at CCWF. About 40 friends gathered for a memorial for her in San Francisco at the Women?s Building on February 4th.