by Anna Bell, CCWF
My job in C yard crew is not a job at all. Its a world I get completely lost in. Especially when things get to be too much I can work outside and melt into my little world of flowers, plants and insects. They are alive, and they are alive with me. I enjoy the challenge of taking something plain and turning it into something beautiful.
I talk to my plants and I believe they feel me. They look more beautiful when I show them I care. And when it rains outside and people are unhappy about that, I feel just the opposite because I know that my little friends are getting the nourishment they need.
I also enjoy working with my hands — the feel of the earth between my fingers, the smell of fresh cut grass, the roses in bloom. I dont look forward to getting $20.00 a month, I only look forward to getting lost in my little world of beauty and nature.