Learn to Look Inside

I believe that the parole system was built on a revolving door policy!
Some of the small town parole agencies have a motto: “The quicker a parolee is back behind bars, one less parolee on an overcrowded agent’s caseload.”
Speaking from experience (in and out of the parole system for ten years), I must confess that I was one of the blessed ones. I acquired only two agents throughout the ten years. Both cared deeply about my life, which gave me this incentive to help in any way I can.
Most parole agencies have a fast rate return silent policy and as the years go by the speed of return has accelerated.
I am writing this to implore that we as parolees need to use our incarcerated time wiser! Please, become mentally equipped for the many road blocks that lie ahead. Strive to learn how to investigate avenues available to us instead of depending on an estranged parole agent. Last but not least, parolees must learn to look inside for inner strength and guidance from their higher power!