by Nikki Diamond, CIW
Many of us are peer helpers, working in Mental Health, helping those individuals who are part of mental health systems. Many of us serve in the church as choir directresses, teaching music to those who merely have the desire to lift their voices heavenward. Many of us have become certified as HIV peer educators and teach HIV/AIDS education awareness classes and pre-test counseling. Many of us teach English to those who do not speak the language as their first language. Many of us are involved in the making of Happy Hats for those who suffer from debilitating diseases in which occurs the loss of their hair. Many of us are involved in reading to the blind. Many of us are involved in the church as moderators, leading praise and worship. Many of us are involved in prayer circles, lifting up this troubled nation from the President on down through the ranks, praying for the divine intervention of God Almighty on behalf of all who are in positions of power, that they respect the power to which they have been entrusted. Many of us are involved in the search for higher education, paying from our own meager earnings to take correspondence courses, that we be changed from those individuals which we were when we entered the system so many years ago.
Many of us spend our lives working an average of 7-1/2 hours per day, and spend our free time in volunteer service, giving back to make a difference to keep hope alive.