Linda Evans at San Francisco Dyke March

This is the first Lesbian/Gay/ Bisexual/Transgender Pride weekend I will celebrate in freedom!… I am especially honored to be part of the first Dyke March dedicated to women in prison – to remember all the dykes and women prisoners who are locked up and cannot be with us in the streets…
I think that there is nothing more powerful than looking out and seeing all of you. It is mind boggling for me and overwhelming after being in prison for all those years to feel our power. And we’ve got a lot of power but we have to use it to defend the vision of liberation that we all have in our hearts. That’s what this gathering is all about. That’s what Pride is about. I hope that you will take those feelings out of your heart and put them to practice in the streets. And remember our sisters inside.
Linda Evans served 16 years primarily at the federal women’s prison in Dublin, California. While inside, she founded and worked for many years as a part of the HIV peer education program called PLACE.