Lori Berenson Released on Parole in Peru

Lori Berenson Released on Parole in Peru
By Diana Block

On May 26, 2010, political prisoner Lori Berenson,
an American citizen, was released on parole,
or conditional liberty as it is called in Peru,
after serving 15 years of a 20 year sentence. Sadly,
the prosecutor appealed the judge?s decision
to release Lori and her parole was rescinded on
a procedural issue, sending her back to prison on
August 18th. Currently, her parole is being negotiated
and there is even a possibility that the president
of Peru will commute her sentence. Lori was
arrested in November 1995 and found guilty of
assisting a militant leftist group, the MRTA. She
didn?t have a trial but was convicted by a secret,
hooded military tribunal. In reality, she was supporting
the struggles of Peruvians for economic
justice and human rights against a government
that is extremely repressive and unjust.

While in prison, Lori married and a year ago
she had a son who has been able to live with her
inside prison according to Peruvian policies for
women prisoners. Over the years, CCWP has
supported Lori and when she had her baby and we
sent her a card congratulating her on Salvador?s
birth. We are hopeful that justice will finally be
achieved and Lori and Salvador will be released
from prison very soon.