Valentine’s Day Action: #LoveBeyondWalls
Social Media Toolkit online at: bit.ly/CCWP-VDay

Since the pandemic started last March, we have lost over 200 of our incarcerated loved ones to COVID in California state prisons. In the past eight weeks, over 750 people have tested positive for COVID at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF), California’s largest women’s prison. In LA County, the current epicenter of the pandemic, multiple outbreaks at California Institute for Women (CIW) have totaled over 480 cases. Time and again, CDCr affirms what we already know: the state does not have our incarcerated loved ones’ wellbeing in mind. But in this present crisis, CCWP members inside and outside have mobilized life-giving networks of support that remain foundational to community care. This is not just a survival strategy; it’s how we build a “new normal,” the future we want to create together; the world we know is possible.

We have heard about the ways in which people at CCWF and CIW are caring for each other in the gravest of situations—helping those who are sick, sharing information, reaching out to loved ones on the outside, speaking up for people who are being retaliated against. We in the outside community recognize the courage, collective organization, and resilience of people inside that is helping people survive this crisis, despite CDCr’s negligence and dehumanizing conduct. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate radical love and collective care across and beyond prison walls.

Show your love and solidarity with incarcerated & criminalized people with these actions:
  1. Write a message of love and solidarity to incarcerated women & trans people (by February 26th): bit.ly/CCWP-Valentines
  2. Get involved in Writing Warriors, our pen pal program, by signing up for an orientation at: info@womenprisoners.org
  3. Visit carenotcages.com to sign & share petitions advocating for the release of our incarcerated loved ones who are elderly and/or medically vulnerable to COVID in prison. Tell five other friends, family, & loved ones about someone’s story and encourage them to sign & share the petitions.
  4. Donate to the mutual aid fund for Amreya, a Black immigrant survivor fighting her deportation in Minnesota: bit.ly/SupportAmreya
  5. Join us for weekly social media pushes on Mondays to advocate for more survivable conditions at CCWF: bit.ly/CCWF-Action


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