March 4th day of action: demonstrations against education cuts!

On March 4, 2010, tens of thousands of students, parents, teachers, workers, and community folks walked out, rallied, picketed, marched and even lay down on an Oakland freeway to defend public education in California. In the face of devastating cuts to education, including education programming within the prisons, and the threat of more cuts to come, we demanded fully funded, free public education from preschool through graduate school plus adult education.
We chanted ?Education Not Incarceration? and called for divestment from prison construction and war in order to fund public education. CURB (Californians United for a Responsible Budget which CCWP is part of) created a striking
poster highlighting the fact that California is #1 in prison spending and #48 in education spending in the country. The popular poster was distributed widely
and was visible on TV and internet reports of the days? activities. On March 5th, the California Federation of Teachers began a 300 mile march from Bakersfield
to Sacramento to continue building support for public education which CURB members also participated in.
March 4th demonstrated the potential for a movement that would shift California?s priorities away from prisons and to education. It is up to all of us to
help sustain this commitment and to get the message out that people inside prison have a right to education as well!